Thoreau Elementary PTO


Thank you, Thoreau families, staff, sponsors, and students! Your hard work, fast running, and outstanding fundraising brought in $25,852 at this year’s Tico Trot, easily surpassing our $25,000 goal. Thoreau PTO relies on these funds to support academic enrichment programs, classroom needs, community building activities and support and other ongoing annual expenses critical to Thoreau students and their community. Also, by achieving our $25,000 we will be able to purchase the Makerspace Cart for Mrs. Cargo’s STEM class.

Special thanks to Shana Verstegen for leading all of the fundraising efforts and the entire Tico Trot event!! And thank you to our entire Tico Trot committee for their hard work and contributions as well - Lindsay Riesch, Rachael Gehlbach, Tiffany Mack, Amy Martino, Julie Fox, and Jonathan Suttin. We appreciate you and all of our volunteers!! To see fundraising totals (and how your class did) you can visit our Tico Trot 2022 website here. Way to go Thoreau!


Now through Friday, November 18th

Just in time for Thanksgiving, shop for a variety of holiday baked goods - pies (pumpkin, apple and pecan) and also their famous cheese bread!!

Place your order online by Friday, November 18th.

STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: Click on the link “Thoreau PTO Fall Fundraiser”

STEP 3: Order an embarrassingly large amount of pies & cheese bread

STEP 4: Pick up your order on Tuesday, November 22nd - 3-5pm (Thoreau Upper Playground)


Hello Thoreau scholars and families!

Let’s share some love with our teachers and staff during this season of gratitude.

We encourage you to fill out, color, and return the following (or your own handmade design!) by Tuesday, Nov 22nd.

Have a wonderful Fall Break!


Tuesday, December 13th- 630 - 8pm

Join us in the Thoreau Library as we discuss upcoming events, fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities. We hope to see you there!



January 27th!

Complete your Volunteer Training:

This training is required of all volunteers (community and family) and non-MMSD personnel who come into school buildings and work with students. Volunteering in other ways with the PTO (back-end organizing, day-of special events, etc.) does not require this training. However, things like attending field trips, other in-class opportunities and/or recess volunteering will require you to be Level 2 certified. This includes completing the following:

  1. Application in Volunteer Tracker

  2. Background check (automatically performed as a part of your application)

  3. COVID-19 vaccination verification

  4. Required training modules (currently three - Learning Forward Together, Covid-19 Health & Safety, Building Safety Protocols)

Please note training is available asynchronously (recorded), and only needs to be completed once. MMSD is committed to anti-racist practices, equity, inclusion, and upholding our core beliefs. These trainings are in alignment with that vision, and it's important for volunteers to have a shared understanding. MMSD places a high value on safety and well-being; these training modules are important for the safety and well-being of students, staff, and volunteers. The objectives of the trainings are: COVID-19 health practices; safety and security protocols; and grounding in MMSD anti-racist mission/vision, identity and relationships, and strategies.